Winning Words Writing Course

Winning Words Writing Course

This writing course focuses on improving the writing craft and fundamentals required to write a book.

32 Lessons

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32 Lessons in Winning Words Writing Course:


Introduction - The Mission!

Introduction to the course

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech -1

Quick overview of Parts of Speech & details of " Noun"

Parts of Speech - 2

Learn about Pronouns, Verbs and Adverbs

Parts of Speech - 3

Learn about adjectives, prepositions , conjunctions and interjections

Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative -1

Learn what is personal narrative writing

Personal Narrative -2

Transition words. Begining, middle and end of a narrative.

Personal Narrative - 3

How to revise your personal narrative draft.

Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing - 1

Opinion writing words and approach

Opinion Writing - 2

Learn details about opinion writing.

Opinion Writing -3

Drafing & revising your opinion writing

Informational Writing

Informational Writing - 1

Guide to organizing ideas for informational writing.

Informational Writing -2

Writing introduction & headlines

Informational Writing -3

Writing conclusions for informational writing

Poem Writing

Poem Writing -1

Learn about Rhythm, Rhythm and Limericks

Poem Writing -2

Learn about Acrostic & Haiku

Poem Writing -3

Dig deeper with rhyme, rhythm and couplet

Dialogue & Script Writing

Dialogue & Script -1

Characters in drama & dialogue

Dialogue & Script - 2

Learn about scene , setting and act

Dialogue & Script -3

Learn about props, dialogue and stage direction

Report & Essay Writing

Report & Essay

Learn about facts, headline and a report.

Report & Essay -2

Writing paragraphs with why, when and what

Report & Essay -3

Lean about essay writing

Elements of Story

Elements of Story

Elements of story & Character

Elements of Story -2

Settings of Story. Beginning, middle and end of a story.

Elements of Story -3

Create problems and solve them!

Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey

Character, the ordinary world and call to adventure.

Hero's Journey -2

Meeting the mentor, crosssing over and winning over enemies.

Hero's Journey - 3

Journey rewards and back to the ordinary world

Parts of Book

Parts of Book

Index Page & different sections of the book

Parts of Book -2

Spine, jacket and table of contents

Parts of Book -3

Foreword and Bibliography


Creating Illustrations

How to draw & illustrate for your book.