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Teach Kids to write their own book.

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Dear Parents,

This book writing project is part of our #lesshomework and #moreprojects manifesto, 

which aims to teach kids by building real-world projects early in their school life. This 

course will not only improve their writing skills but also their critical thinking and 

organizational skills.


A side benefit of the project is that you will have a memorable #firstbook project 

created by the kids that you will be proud to show your family and friends! So join the

 Winning words program and get busy making your book!


Want to look at what other kids are making? Here is a look at

our community project of a book created by over 30+ students - Animal Superheroes.


Let's learn to write & get your book out in the world!


- Winning Words Project Team.

Courses in this Program:

Lessons in Winning Words Writing Course:

  1. 1 Introduction - The Mission!

    Objective: Introduction to the course

  2. 2 Parts of Speech -1

    Objective: Quick overview of Parts of Speech & details of " Noun"

  3. 3 Parts of Speech - 2

    Objective: Learn about Pronouns, Verbs and Adverbs

  4. 4 Parts of Speech - 3

    Objective: Learn about adjectives, prepositions , conjunctions and interjections

  5. 5 Personal Narrative -1

    Objective: Learn what is personal narrative writing

  6. 6 Personal Narrative -2

    Objective: Transition words. Begining, middle and end of a narrative.

  7. 7 Personal Narrative - 3

    Objective: How to revise your personal narrative draft.

  8. 8 Opinion Writing - 1

    Objective: Opinion writing words and approach

  9. 9 Opinion Writing - 2

    Objective: Learn details about opinion writing.

  10. 10 Opinion Writing -3

    Objective: Drafing & revising your opinion writing

  11. 11 Informational Writing - 1

    Objective: Guide to organizing ideas for informational writing.

  12. 12 Informational Writing -2

    Objective: Writing introduction & headlines

  13. 13 Informational Writing -3

    Objective: Writing conclusions for informational writing

  14. 14 Poem Writing -1

    Objective: Learn about Rhythm, Rhythm and Limericks

  15. 15 Poem Writing -2

    Objective: Learn about Acrostic & Haiku

  16. 16 Poem Writing -3

    Objective: Dig deeper with rhyme, rhythm and couplet

  17. 17 Dialogue & Script -1

    Objective: Characters in drama & dialogue

  18. 18 Dialogue & Script - 2

    Objective: Learn about scene , setting and act

  19. 19 Dialogue & Script -3

    Objective: Learn about props, dialogue and stage direction

  20. 20 Report & Essay

    Objective: Learn about facts, headline and a report.

  21. 21 Report & Essay -2

    Objective: Writing paragraphs with why, when and what

  22. 22 Report & Essay -3

    Objective: Lean about essay writing

  23. 23 Elements of Story

    Objective: Elements of story & Character

  24. 24 Elements of Story -2

    Objective: Settings of Story. Beginning, middle and end of a story.

  25. 25 Elements of Story -3

    Objective: Create problems and solve them!

  26. 26 Hero's Journey

    Objective: Character, the ordinary world and call to adventure.

  27. 27 Hero's Journey -2

    Objective: Meeting the mentor, crosssing over and winning over enemies.

  28. 28 Hero's Journey - 3

    Objective: Journey rewards and back to the ordinary world

  29. 29 Parts of Book

    Objective: Index Page & different sections of the book

  30. 30 Parts of Book -2

    Objective: Spine, jacket and table of contents

  31. 31 Parts of Book -3

    Objective: Foreword and Bibliography

  32. 32 Creating Illustrations

    Objective: How to draw & illustrate for your book.

Lessons in Selecting Right Coding Course for Kids (Webinar):

  1. 1 Selecting the right coding course for kids

    Objective: What matters in selecting a coding course?

Lessons in Book Project for kids (webinar):

  1. 1 Kid's Book Writing Course Webinar

    Objective: Learn why & how of the writing course

What Our Members Have to Say:

“As a writer myself I like the idea of introducing kids to writing at an early age. The kids learned a lot through the video lessons and actual writing assignments. I am a proud mom! ” ― Kathy Moran
“As a working mom I do not have much time to spend on kids projects. The Winning Words program helps them with guided assignments and the kids are on the path to be becoming published authors!” ― Julia Harris
“"I was skeptical when my wife pointed to the program but soon I looked at the kids who were glued to writing and coloring with the fun videos. An awesome project even without the book they are publishing!"” ― Jack Pressler
“I was initially skeptical if the kids could really complete a book project. But I am glad that the Winning Words project proved me wrong. Now the Kids can not only write better, they can also think critically on any subject and organize their ideas. ” ― Lacey Roger
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